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Be aware of cloud-washing in the alarm industry!

Posted on 18th Feb 2018 00:35:41 in Misc, Technology

Is your product a true cloud solution, or a remote desktop to a server somewhere on the internet? This is a key question because although been able to remote into a virtualized desktop gives some mobility advantage, this is just a wrap-around an old and inefficient technology that does not accommodate today's growing demands! Unfortunately, some providers instead of investing in a true cloud solution, roll the marketing into "cloudwashing" their products. 

What is a true cloud solution? The answer to this question can vary in many ways, but in general, true cloud solutions are associated with the following characteristics

  • Web-hosted - No need to have local servers to store or access your software solutions
  • Accessible thru a web browser (normally using technologies like HTML5) or native apps
  • Data is stored in a quality data center provider with 99% availability. 
  • Highly scalable - Because of the nature of disconnected web-browser/app communication, most cloud base solution can be improved by the basic action of add servers to the back end. If your solution resides on a server, and can't expand into multiple servers, the odd is that you are not running your business on a true cloud solution.

There are many other characteristics of true cloud solutions, but in general, you can measure your current solutions, and how can you move into a solution that leverages true growth to your business.