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Central Station Software that monitor itself.

Posted on 21st Feb 2018 17:19:45 in Technology, Platform

As important as a central station that monitor external devices, is a central station that monitors itself... 

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Be aware of cloud-washing in the alarm industry!

Posted on 18th Feb 2018 00:35:41 in Misc, Technology

Cloud washing (also spelled cloudwashing) is the purposeful and sometimes deceptive attempt by a vendor to rebrand an old product or service by associating the buzzword “cloud" with it. — Margaret Rouse

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Central Station with flexible signal processing form!

Posted on 15th Feb 2018 20:08:40 in Technology, Misc

For years 'Signal Processing' forms have been statically rigid, allowing ease of use and consistency, but restricting its usage by funneling every possible event into a single view.

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