Benefits of Web-based Applications

Posted on 16th May 2016 16:37:03 in


Let's first define the web vs desktop application

The traditional desktop application is a piece of software (or application program) stored at a local desktop computer. This software could access data through a network connection, however, the code been executed resides on a local hard drive. The web application is an application program stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser interface. The code been executed is ultimately stored on the server, however, the execution of logic can be distributed among servers, and browser (depending on the need).


What are the advantages of web applications over desktop applications?

  • Accessibility - Web application has little to no limit on the set of devices and operating system capable of reaching. Almost all popular devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) are capable of executing web application through modem web browsers. Also, all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) support new and modem web browsers.
  • Deployment - While in the desktop application, a set of processes are quired to install updates on each workstation, the web server will take care of this with no need to incur on IT expenses for this procedures. Also, fixes of bugs, enhancements, and patches are automatically deployed to end users.
  • Security - With SSL/TSL and new security technologies on the rise, the web application became more secure than ever. Also, new security patch can be applied remotely, rather than need to wait for IT to access that desktop (or device).
  • Expandability - With HTML 5, now web application can integrate with countless new technologies (and systems) in a secure way. Systems can be integrated through different APIs using a number of standard and secure communication protocols.
  • IT Cost - Deployment process extends the cost of desktop application in exponential ways. For every workstation maintenance, there will be a cost incurred. Add to this, regular non-application related expenses for works stations (operating system patches and upgrades).