Central Station with flexible signal processing form!

Posted on 15th Feb 2018 20:08:40 in Misc, Technology

For years "Signal Processing" forms have been statically rigid, allowing ease of use and consistency, but restricting its usage by funneling every possible event into a single view. Now, we have an option!

Since release 1.14 (, Aural 9 allows the administrator to alter the data view section of a signal processing based on the type of the incoming signals. This allows administrators to simplify operators steps by removing information that is not relevant to the signal, and add (or enhance) information based on the signal processing need.

Some of this sample case are...

  • Fire commercial does is normally automatically dispatched, the status of partitions or zones become irrelevant.
  • Failed to arm, or failed to disarm might require partitions status.
  • Intercom call (normally for gated communities or building access) does not require partition, zones, signal history.

Customization is not just to be able to remove unnecessary clutter, but also to change layout and color scheme of the signal. This not only allows simplification of processing but also facilitate oversees of signals from the manager's point of view.


Here are some samples...

Signal Processing Form (Alarm Monitoring)