Notification Server, another extension to our central station software!

Posted on 24th Mar 2018 20:38:47 in Technology, Platform, Misc

Our notification server allows central stations to interact with users, customers, and technician in an automated yet interactive way.
In the following video, you will see the interaction with a technician. This interaction shows how smooth the software can respond you a technicians request with the simple use of sms.
SMS vs App... There is a common misconception about apps and how the tendency to over-do features list on apps. Although there is no problem to do interactions with app, this often leads to loose capabilities of interaction; and raising the requirements on the device at tech's hand.
  • SMS message does not require another application to be installed
  • SMS use interaction with more modern device extensions like wearables (watch, glasses, or others). Although the sample of the video we used a tablet, there is zero difference if we do it on a tablet, phone, or a watch. It all works the same! 
  • SMS requirements on devices are always kept to the minimum. Size of the device, resolution, operating system, are all the same from an SMS point of view.
There is no problem with having apps, they add richness of information to the end user; however, they often come plagued with requirements and often generate more frustration within the user community.
Some of the apps requirements are...
  • Device (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, others)
  • Operating System (iOS, Android, others)
  • Minimum Operating System version (iOS 8, Android Oreo, others)
  • Device size (tablet, "phablet" or oversized phones, large screen, others)
  • Bandwith or network requirements (Wifi, 4g, others)
While our platform is available from mobile devices, we wanted to be sure that with Notification Servers, our customer can implement a more streamlined process without adding requirements on top. Keeping things simple and efficient. 
This video shows how smooth our platform interacts with technicians during a daily 'on test' session.