Private vs Non-Private Ecosystems Providers on IT Solutions…

Posted on 15th Apr 2016 10:15:30 in Technology, Misc

With today's wide gama of available solutions for IT needs, many software providers relies on expanding their service to try to become a one stop solutions for their customers. This is great for small to medium customer since their focus on IT can be quite limited, however it can become an inconvenience to those customer that quickly outgrown their providers capabilities. This by itself limit the growing capabilities to those customer by having a dependency to a provider where the primary product (or solutions) is NOT solving IT problems and needs.

On the other side, providers with "non-private ecosystem" often engage on todays available IT solutions. This add a cost to small customer on IT related implementations. Suddenly high-availability, redundancy, replication, fail-over, network, backups, and other IT related process could overwhelm small IT departments. On the other side, it put little to no limit on the growing capabilities for those customers. Ability to implement lates technologies, internal server farms,  smarter network traffic management, more advanced security features, and others IT related process become an advantage to those customer that embrace "non-private ecosystems".

Here is a bit more on those "Private" providers (or one stop solution), vs "Non-Private" providers... 

Private Ecosystems Providers : Software (or solutions) providers that other than be the primary software provider, also provide a line of side products to solve IT problems within their access scope. This is a sweet solutions from small to medium customer, since it centralize the technical support to a single point.


  • One centralized provider that will support most of your IT problems.


  • Dependency to a single source provider.
  • Inability to attract or expand your internal IT department (since private ecosystem are not tough at colleges).
  • Restrictive to custom implementation that might be need it within the organization.


Non-Private Ecosystem Providers : Software (or solution) providers where the focus is to embrace external IT solutions and technologies. This often requires a more coordinated effort from the customer side, but at the same time, it remove providers dependency, plus allows the clients to reach it’s highest potencial.


  • Ability to expand your IT department (and services)
  • Easy to recruit new employees (since the require to know a specific ecosystem is removed from equation)
  • Ability to implement more specific solutions to your company allowing to reach it’s full potential
  • Remove dependency to a single vendor allowing more versatile transitions if need it.
  • Can use the latest technologies without having to wait for primary provider to implement them.
  • Remove vendor specific limitations


  • Might require to interface (and/or coordinate) with multiple vendors and providers