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Smart Session Timeout

Posted on 31st Jul 2018 18:17:46 in Misc, Technology, Platform


Because of the nature of web application being disconnected, web applications identify the user to a unique id (often call session). This way, every time a user tries to submit an action or a request, the servers can validate the session against its locally stored session list. For security reasons, this session is given a time-out period. This way, if a user steps out of the workstation (or connected device), the server will protect itself from other users accessing that workstation.


The problem... 

Most web applications take the easy way out, and completely log out the user from the workstation (or device). This resets the local screen and often returns to the login screen. Safety cannot be undermined; however current screen information is lost from the user interface. For instance, If the user is working on a customer and there was any data modified and not posted, or if there was a report with several options selected. This creates a level of frustrations between users, tension with IT, and unnecessary time wasted. A user needs to log back in and remember all the lost information changed off the top of their head.


Our solution... 

At A9 we understand the user frustration and ultimately cost incurred without undermining the security aspect of the session. The difference is that from our platform perspective, the session is not hard-linked to a user, allowing the user to re-enter their credentials and continue their day without losing valuable information, and more importantly time. If a user steps away from their desk for more than 15 minutes, the software will not allow transactions from that workstation until credentials are validated, once credentials are validated, the users can continue their day without losing data... time... or peace of mind!


Session Timeout