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Don't let the browser save your password...

Posted on 6th May 2018 14:19:53 in Misc, Technology

One of the many benefits of a modern browser is the ability to remember and centralize the store our login password from many sites we visit. However IT speaking, we often do not want our user to be offered such options. Here are the steps to configure 3 major web browsers not to ask users to save the password.

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Notification Server, another extension to our central station software!

Posted on 24th Mar 2018 20:38:47 in Misc, Technology, Platform

This video shows how smooth our platform interacts with technicians during a daily 'on test' session.

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Central Station Software that monitor itself.

Posted on 21st Feb 2018 17:19:45 in Technology, Platform

As important as a central station that monitor external devices, is a central station that monitors itself... 

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Be aware of cloud-washing in the alarm industry!

Posted on 18th Feb 2018 00:35:41 in Misc, Technology

Cloud washing (also spelled cloudwashing) is the purposeful and sometimes deceptive attempt by a vendor to rebrand an old product or service by associating the buzzword “cloud" with it. — Margaret Rouse

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Central Station with flexible signal processing form!

Posted on 15th Feb 2018 20:08:40 in Misc, Technology

For years 'Signal Processing' forms have been statically rigid, allowing ease of use and consistency, but restricting its usage by funneling every possible event into a single view.

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