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Three points to identify platform specific inefficiencies on software providers

Posted on 11th May 2016 10:16:48 in Technology

In general, most software providers will set a specific set of requirements where the server side of their products resides. This often is a matter of taste on the server end, and since IT will manage those servers, it does not become much of a situation as long as it is IT approved by the proper channels. However, on the client side of the software, there are plenty of factors to consider when implementing a new software platform.

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Private vs Non-Private Ecosystems Providers on IT Solutions…

Posted on 15th Apr 2016 10:15:30 in Misc, Technology

With today's wide gama of available solutions for IT needs, many software providers relies on expanding their service to try to become a one stop solutions for their customers. This is great for small to medium customer since their focus on IT can be quite limited, however it can become an inconvenience to those customer that quickly outgrown their providers capabilities. This by itself limit the growing capabilities to those customer by having a dependency to a provider where the primary product (or solutions) is NOT solving IT problems and needs.

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Value of Responsiveness on web applications

Posted on 8th Mar 2016 10:14:35 in Misc, Technology, Platform

By now, we all know the advantages of internal deployment for locally hosted web applications. Web application not just reduce end user hardware requirements, but also reduce the cost on IT during application updates deployment (since only server needs to be updated).

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